Like most people, I tend to ruminate about the negative things, especially if they just occurred.  As I finish off my doctorate program, which included receiving personal therapy, one of the most important things I learned was the importance of how you can choose your thoughts. Neuropsychology is just so fascinating to me, and to put it in simpler terms, your brain works in tandem with your emotions, thus your thoughts are fully intertwined with your emotions.  You can essentially control your emotions by first controlling your thoughts.  Of course, it is much more complicated than this, but you get the idea.  If you are feeling somewhat negative about a situation, reframing your thoughts about the situation can truly make a difference. For example, you feel bummed about a job interview that did not go well. You can relive every moment of that interview and focus on what you think you did wrong.  You will feel upset and down and will probably will not want to do anything but ruminate. Or you can choose your thoughts by thinking of other things, whether it’s the things you can do differently in the next interview or switching your thoughts to focus on what you are doing at the moment, whether it is eating dinner or spending time with someone.  Your emotions will be different based on what you are thinking.  There is actually a science behind this, and your brain literally makes connections, that with repetition, can benefit you in the long term.  Controlling your thoughts to focus on the positive may be challenging initially, but the more you do this, the easier it will become. Like a muscle being trained with a workout, your ability to choose your thoughts will become stronger the more you practice.

What do you do to choose your thoughts?