How to care for a fiddle leaf tree

I’m pretty sure you have seen these adorable trees in magazines or on Instagram posts. They are usually in the cutest of planters, showing off their vibrant green large leaves.  What exactly are these indoor trees?  Are they real or are they artificial?  I actually have a 6 feet faux fiddle leaf tree, and after 6 months of having this artificial tree in my home, I longed for the real thing.  I came across a small fiddle leaf tree, about 2 feet high, at Home Depot for $20.00 and I couldn’t leave without it. So I came home that day with a baby fiddle leaf tree.  And of course, one of the first things I did was to research how to care for my brand new fiddle leaf tree.  Here is what I found on how to care for a fiddle leaf tree.

1. Placement-  Put your fiddle leaf fig tree in a location where it can receive moderate light for about six to eight hours a day.  Make sure you rotate the tree once a week so it does not lean towards the main source of light.  Also, do not place your tree near source of drafts or near the air conditioner or heater vent.

2. Watering- When I would have indoor plants, they would often die.  Now I know it is from overwatering.  Like most indoor plants, less is more for the fiddle leaf tree.  I water when the top soil feels dry and I don’t water too much.  The fiddle leaf tree needs to dry out before the next watering.

3. Pruning-  Prune your fiddle leaf tree during the Spring for a more bushy look.  Wear gloves because the sap of fiddle trees has been known to be an irritant for some people.  I also like to remove dying leaves, especially those the cover the soil.  I think circulation for the soil is a good thing so that mold doesn’t start growing.

4. Fertilize- Fertilize your fiddle leaf tree once a month in the Spring and Summer, and skip fertilizing in the Winter.

Goodluck on how to care for a fiddle leaf tree! So far, mine seems to be thriving, growing three leaves at the same time.