In my generation, we as women are taught that we can be anything that we want, do anything that we want. We have witnessed women who have successfully managed multi million dollar companies, while being a wife and a mother. Other women have devoted their lives to nurture and take care of their babies to become beautiful, productive people. others who exclusively focused on their personal goals and dreams to become the powerful women that they are.  So I wonder, can a woman really do it all? I have seen women who seem to be doing it all.  Raising a beautiful family while maintaining a prosperous career. Or being a wife and mother, looking elegant and put together, while showing up for every PTA meetings and school luncheons. Or running a big corporation better than any other person can. What is it about these seemingly super competent women that their lives appear to be running so effortlessly?

Lately, I have become mindful of women who seem to be doing it all.   Maybe it is a feeling of deficiency in my life, as if I am not doing enough, that made me take notice.  There are so many things that I still want to accomplish, but my own self limiting beliefs caused me to take no action.  And so I wonder, how does some women do it all?

And just to put this question in perspective… when I say a woman who does it all, I mean a woman who has chosen to pursue the dreams that are important to her, and managed to do so despite the unpredictability of life.  I know single mothers who are working full time, going to school, and raising their child.  To me, she is doing it all.  I know other mothers, who are solely focusing on their family, going to school trips and baking cookies for their kids. Helping with homework, and cooking dinner. To me, she is doing it all.

A woman who does it all can take various forms.  But the essence of a woman who is doing it all, is a woman who feels that she is doing it all.  Exactly what she wants and all that she wants, even though life sometimes interferes.

For those who want to do more and wish to more, it can be difficult to get things going.  Sadly, we often create the very barriers to our own dreams and goals. Waiting for the right time can sometimes become wasting time. And there’s nothing worse than wasting time because we all know time lost is never regained. So today, don’t waste time anymore. And just go for your goals and dreams.  Whatever it may be.

Because the person who seems to be doing it all...just does.

dress- American Apparel, belt-Forever21, bag-Coach, sunnies- Ellen Tracy, shoes-Louise et Cie, watch-Michael Kors, bangles-vaarious brands