One of my biggest struggles with writing a blog post is describing an outfit, possibly because I am at a loss for words on how to articulate why certain pieces go together or why I grouped certain items together.  Can I say because I simply like them together? Probably not right? The way I dress is pretty spontaneous based on what I feel for the day,  such as a pretty boho floral dress with comfy boots, like this outfit of the day.  I am also wearing my Gucci bag out because I have been daydreaming of a new Louis Vuitton purse and realized, I do have more than others, and I just need to use them.  I tend to stick to the same thing over and over and I am  encouraging myself to wear more of my “nicer” things just because.  I have also purged my closet and have gotten rid of a number of things I probably will never wear again.  It can be difficult, because some things I have not worn yet and I feel  I had wasted my money on those items by letting go.  I have to remind myself that those clothing will be better appreciated by others. I will be purging some more, hopefully to get my closet in a better shape.  As you can see, I rambled on this post, which is fine with me… I am trying not to be too restrictive with my blog, believing it has to be a certain way.  In many ways, we all do our blogs for our personal satisfaction, so we should go in any direction we want right?

dress: Target

boots: Vince Camuto

bag: Gucci