Blogging Tips

I started blogging when I had my first child, over 6 years ago.  Yes, that seems like quite a long time of blogging, however, I was majority on and off of the blogging world until recently.  In those six years, I was on and off blogging because we expanded our family of three to four, I started and completed a doctorate program, and we moved to our forever home.  Now, I am just starting to get my feet wet again from blogging, and though this world has changed dramatically, I feel like the tips I have learned from years ago are still relevant today.  I am also relearning how to blog again, so I feel like I have some wisdom gained from my current research. So today, I wanted to share a few blogging tips, for you who are just starting off or  those thinking about starting a blog.

1.) Self-Hosted Blog or Free Blogging Platform–  When I started blogging, I was on a free blogging platform, eventually switching to a self hosted blog. I think it is important to decide whether you want to do a self hosted blog or a free blogging platform such as blogspot early in the game because transitioning can be difficult and sometimes costly in terms of lost followers and visits. A self hosted blog is definitely expensive, however, if this is your goal, I suggest you do this as early as you possibly can.

2.) Content is king-  Yes, you’ve heard this many times already, but I still have to reiterate this.  Content is what drives traffic to your site, whether it is beautiful images or well written posts. Content is what will keep visitors back and what will bring new visitors in.  So make your content thoughtful and meaningful.

3.) Post consistently– My on and off approach to blogging has hurt the growth of my blog.  Posting consistently, such as a post every other day, will help your blog grow and develop better google rankings.

4.)  Learn about SEO’s to maximize the potential of each post.  I researched SEO’s obsessively when I was into blogging. From what I learned, this is important in order to maximize the growth of your blog.  Just google SEO and blogging, and a number of relevant articles should pop up.

Wishing you the best!!