Best designer pool slides

Pool slides have made a comeback, and this time, for the better.  They used to be sporty and casual, like the Adidas or the Nike kind. Now, they have them in the cutest colors and patterns, with pearls, fur, and everything in between. I knew I wanted a pair of designer pool slides for this coming summer, but the question was which one?  They range from about $200 to almost $1000.  I knew I didn’t want to spend too much, so my budget was about $400, more if I absolutely love them.  My eyes naturally went to the Gucci pool slides with flower prints and the Valentino Rockstud slides.  I tried to do dilligent research because I prefer to shop online and I hate to return, so when I purchase something, I usually keep them, even if I’m a little less than happy with them.  The Gucci pool slides had mixed reviews, some absolutely loving them, while others complaining of discomfort. I found the same reviews for the Valentino Rockstud slides, with some also complaining the band is too wide. I was on the verge of ordering the Gucci pool slides from Bloomingdales when I happened to be at a Nordstrom.  I decided to try the Gucci pool slides, Givenchy pool slides, Valentino Rockstud pool slides, Prada pool slides, and Chanel tennis shoes (just for fun). It came back down to the Gucci or the Valentino.  The Gucci pool slides were more narrow so it had a more flattering silhouette, but the colors were bright and the soles were shorter.  The Valentino color poudre was so pretty, flattering, and the soles were slightly thicker.  The studs were also adorable, though the slides felt wider, almost sporty like.  I thought they were both comfortable, but I was at Nordstrom, where everything feels comfortable, shiny, and beautiful, so what do I know. I decided to go for the Valentino Rockstud pool slides in poudre.  Of course, once home, I walked around in these slides, and I think they are comfortable.  The color matches with everything while the studs give these slides a little bling.  They are made of PVC, which I’m thinking should make them quite durable.  The studs are also now placed more securely, so they shouldn’t fall off easily like in the older Valentino flip flops.  I think these designer pool slides are the cutest and also the best to splurge on. I highly recommend them, but of course, try them on for yourself first, and you will love them!