by Lesley Kim

“I restore myself when I’m alone.”
Marilyn Monroe IMG_0890Hi everyone!  If you follow my blog, you know that I adore quotes.  There’s something so profound in the ability of one sentence to capture a magnitude of feelings and thoughts.  The Marilyn Monroe quote above is made up of 6 words but consists of so much meaning.

“I restore myself when I am alone,” Marilyn Monroe.  This statement is a reminder of how important it can be to once in awhile be alone…to step way from everyone and everything momentarily.  Sometimes, it can feel so good to get away from everyone and everything… And to quiet all the voices and the world… And in this way, you can finally hear your thoughts, loud and clear.

Some people find the idea of being alone difficult.  Especially when being alone is unwanted and is too long. I think this can be scary and extremely lonely.  But being alone can also be therapeutic and a learning experience.  There’s no way to truly learn about yourself, your wants, your desires, and your fears… unless you are alone.IMG_0893Now that I have a little toddler attached to my hip, being alone here and there is rare and hard to get.  I am able to squeeze a few hours of being alone once C is in bed.  Or if H takes him out for a few hours, I spend this precious time doing exactly what I want.. sometimes doing nothing at all.

I have always understood the importance of being alone, may it be a break from everyone for a few hours, or a break from romantic relationships for a few years.  Being alone is a great way to shut down the world once in a while… to have some peace and quiet.. to enjoy thoughts.. to understand them.. and just to spend time with yourself…IMG_0897dress-RVCA, shirt- Abercrombie&Fitch, necklaces-Tiffany&Co, Ippolita, ring- Tacori, bangles-various brands, shoes- Charlotte Russe