beaches of Kauai


beaches of Kauai

The beaches of Kauai is absolutely stunning. For those who want to experience Hawaii and all its natural glory, I highly recommend the smaller island of Kauai.  Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands and the 4th largest island.  On our stay to Kauai, we went to numerous beaches, from Poipu Beach in the southern coast to Ke’e Beach up north.

Poipu Beach, located within walking distance to our resort, was a beautiful beach with plenty of shallow parts for young kiddos.  Palm trees dotted the grassy areas, providing shade for those who want to read a book.  There are also plenty of white sand, perfect for tanning under the sun.  Poipu Beach was my favorite of the beaches of Kauai. It was fairly easy to get to and absolutely stunning.

The Salt Pond Beach of Kauai was fairly similar to Poipu Beach,  great for families and tourists.  There is a natural ridge in the ocean that creates a shallow pool by the white sand.  The Salt Pond beach was an amazing place for laying out and just relaxing under the sun. Plenty of shaded park benches and picnic areas provide a refuge from the hot sun.  We really enjoyed Salt Pond Beach.

_MG_6773_edited-1 _MG_6837_edited-1Ke’e Beach is another one of the more popular beaches of Kauai.  Located in the northern coast, the Ke’e Beach is literally located at the end of the road.  It is the last beach in the northern coast of Kauai that you can reach by car.  The Ke’e Beach was pretty crowded, and parking was difficult to find. During our trip, the Ke’e Beach was extremely windy, the waves high and threatening.  We did not stay long.  Kauai Brochures does state that Ke’e Beach has calm conditions during the summer  =)

instagramThe beaches of Kauai are absolutely breathtaking.  They will take you away for a moment, almost suspending time.