I am so excited to be going back to work. And of course, I wanted to add new pieces to my wardrobe to reflect this change. I tend to like minimalist and somewhat conservative look when I am working. So, the pieces I am adding are this kind of style. Simple pieces that make it easy to get dressed in a flash.

The first piece is a layered collar peplum blazer in black. This blazer is perfect to wear with a simple tee and black slacks. If you want to wear it out of work you can layer it with denim jeans. This peplum blazer is a perfect piece for work.

The next piece is also another blazer. This ruched sleeve solid colored blazer is simple yet classic. The color is a soft brown, with the cutest ruched sleeve. Perfect for a work day or even during happy hour over a simple pencil skirt.

The third piece for work wear is a black boucle blazer. This blazer is chic and sophisticated. I love how it pairs well with my favorite skinny jeans.

Last but not least is a little bit of fun piece for work. This black and white faux fur coat is a great piece for work. Pair it with an all black outfit for an elegant and refined outfit.

What type of work wear do you prefer?

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