by Lesley Kim

Anna Sui is one of my favorite designers, and her Spring 2014 Ready To Wear Collection does not disappoint.  The Anna Sui Spring 2014 RTW collection is a hybrid of the Victorian era and of the free spirited Bohemian look.  The pieces are light and free flowing with exquisite detailing.

spring 20148The Anna Sui Spring 2014 RTW utilized the trend of hair jewelry, many of the models wearing stunning head pieces and floral crowns.  The whimsical gladiator flats paired with the outfits are also to die for.

spring 20149The Anna Sui Spring 2014 RTW is full of layering, typical of an Anna Sui collection.  The layers can be seen through the draping cardigans and the light shawls. Anna Sui also used  intricate necklaces to complement her pieces.

spring 201410I’m pretty sure that each piece in the Anna Sui Spring 2014 RTW collection is way beyond my price range.  The beauty of a designer’s collection is that they serve as inspiration for lower end boutiques and stores for what will be fashionable and trendy for that season.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing similar pieces to the Anna Sui Spring 2014 RTW in more affordable stores like Bebe, Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe.

spring 201411Anna’s choice of footwear is also something that I hope to see more of in stores.  I prefer the comfort of gladiator flats and love that they appear effortlessly chic.

spring 201412The Anna Sui Spring 2014 RTW collection embodies comfort and style, my two favorite combination =)

spring 201413

Which of these pieces are your favorite?

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