by Lesley Kim

Life has so many things to offer.  The company of friends is one of those that is truly special.  One afternoon, a friend and I took some time to have tea at Chado Hollywood. I have been to the Chado in downtown, but never to the one in Hollywood. Situated inside the Hollywood and Highland Mall, Chado Hollywood was surprisingly serene and peaceful.  My friend and I sat on the small, outside patio to have some privacy.
Chado HollywoodMy friend and I opted for the Celebration Afternoon Tea.  With this choice,  you get tea, soup or salad, a variety of sandwiches, fresh scone, cookies and a tea float for $25.00.  Chado has a variety of tea selection that you can choose from.  I opted for the mango tea and it was delicious.  Chado HollywoodA bowl of tomato soup came first, then an array of mini sandwiches, scones and cookies.  The sandwiches were small but good.  My favorite was the chicken cranberry sandwich.  After a nibble of the scone and cookies, and I was ready for my float.  My tea was not sweetened, otherwise, I would probably get an intense sugar rush.IMG_0677 IMG_0679Afternoon tea at Chado Hollywood is such a perfect way to spend time with a friend.  It’s easy to forget all the chaos of life when you are sipping hot, mango tea and nibbling on warm scones.IMG_0689 IMG_0692