by Lesley Kim

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
Lao Tzu 
DIY bangles
I like making my own jewelry because it’s fun and you can customize them.  For this DIY bracelets tutorial, I will be showing you simple ways to make 2 different types of bracelets.  I bought all of my materials from Michaels, a craft store here in Los Angeles.  I believe they are a chain store that are in most braceletsFor this bangle with charm, you will need a bangle with an opening.  The one I used came in a 2 pack, by Bead Landing, for about $5.99.  You can use any charms you want, even beads with a large opening.DIY braceletsDIY braceletsInsert the charm or charms into the bangle.  Close the bangle. And that’s it!!DIY braceletsFor this bejeweled bangle, I found a bangle with flat circles for adding beads or crystals, by Bead Landing, about $3.99.  Make sure you use beads with flat backs.  With super glue or permanent adhesive, glue the beads to the bangles. I used red and turquoise because they are gorgeous colors, especially together.IMG_0906IMG_0930

 Now you have colorful bangles for any occasion.  DIY bracelets are simple and fast to make. Keep these DIY bracelets or give them away =)