I’m excited to partner with EVA NYC and feature their Sunset Sorbet Healthy Heat Ceramic Tool, exclusively at Target, which retails for $50.00  A healthy hair tool is so important, especially when you use it regularly like I do.  The Sunset Sorbet Ceramic tool is great because of its versatility, giving you straight strands or wavy locks- depending on your preference. This ceramic tool is made of 100% solid ceramic plates and have an adjustable temperature of 140 degrees F to 450 degrees F. The ceramic plates lock in moisture, creating soft and healthy hair.  If you want to straighten your hair with this tool, you gently straighten small sections at a time to create a straight and sophisticated look.  My hair is naturally straight so I love to create waves and curls.  The Sunset Sorbet Healthy Heat Ceramic tool is perfect for achieving my desired wavy hair.   I usually take small sections of hair at a time and gently run the ceramic tool through while gently twisting my wrist to achieve the waves.  My hair feels soft, luxe and mostly, full of volume. Creating waves with the Sunset Sorbet Ceramic tool is much faster for me than when I use a curling iron or curlers.  Best of all, it is less damaging to my strands and the achieved look is long lasting and amazing.