It’s a new year and instead of having a list of things I want to change, I wanted to focus on only one thing, hoping that this one specific change can impact my overall quality of life.  My main goal for the year is merely simplifying my life. I tend to make things complicated or overextend myself, taking on a number of activities at once, or setting way too many to do lists that I never get them all done.  Simplifying my life, to me, means decluttering and letting go of the unnecessary.  For example, I think I have over 40 pairs of sunglasses.  These are not all designer, high priced brands. Most are inexpensive, flimsy, or uncomfortable.  But I keep them, thinking maybe I need a pink rimmed aviator for a blog post one day.  This year,  I am going to get rid of the unnecessary. It’s difficult to do so, and somewhat traumatizing.  When I get rid of too many things at once, I definitely feel anxiety from the “loss” of these items I had paid money for or these things I may one day need.  The emotional attachment to these things are often the more difficult hurdle to overcome.  My approach is to go slow.  For example, I’m proud of myself that barely into the new year, I have slowly trimmed my closet down. Two or three times a week, I would go through older clothes and put aside 5-7 pieces to donate. I can handle getting rid of a few items at a time, but I don’t think I can do a complete overhaul at one time.  I also recycle everything I can, to a point that I get anxious because I get stuck on recycling everything, even though it’s less stressful and less time consuming to sometimes toss things in the trash.  I would have a pretty busy day and my need to do things a certain way sometimes causes me stress. So for this year, simplifying my life is my primary goal.  I think to accomplish this, I have to give myself permission to say, it’s ok to let go of certain things.  Just keep it simple.  What’s your goal for the new year?