I don’t really love receiving flowers. They are beautiful for a few days, and as they lose their  freshness, it’s a little bit sad. And when you have to put them in the trash, it feels like throwing a part of you, given to you, by someone you love.  I always tell my hubby no flowers, but he doesn’t want to be the husband who never gives his wife flowers, so occasionally, he will give me an elaborate bouquet.  This Mother’s Day, I received 2 dozen pink roses, delivered to my front door in a beautiful long box, from Roseshire.  I have to admit that their presentation was pretty stunning. I thought the flowers were gorgeous.

I followed the instructions given, and arranged my long stemmed roses in a lukewarm water filled vase.  Literally on the third day, my roses were already wilted.  It was totally disappointing and reaffirmed my belief that flowers are a waste of money and time.  (Trimming and arranging 24 roses did not take a minute). I would have rather received a small pot of mini roses from Trader Joe’s.  Out of curiosity, I looked at Roseshire to check out how much my husband paid for these luxury roses.  I was pretty shocked to see that 2 dozen roses were $160!  They didn’t even last more than 3 days, and I could go to the Farmer’s Market and get much cheaper roses that would last a little bit longer. I honestly would not recommend Roseshire unless you want an initial wow effect from that loved one, and don’t really mind spending $160 on 2 dozen roses.  They were beautiful, however you can easily buy comparable, but more affordable roses.

**Update: My hubby bought me forever roses, the ones in a box, dried in vibrant colors, and those were so much better.  I will try to post about these forever roses soon.