Pelican Hill 4 bedroom Villa

“The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more
important than wealth and privilege.”
Charles Kuralt

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      I am lucky enough to have been able to stay at some of the most magnificent resorts in Southern California. Of all the luxury resorts I have been to, I have to say that Pelican Hillis my favorite.
      Pelican Hill is a resort and spa that offers suites, bungalows and villas.  The suites and bungalows are in the resort area, while the villas are in a gated, more private area.    The villas have their own private clubhouse, pool and gym that only those staying at the villas can use.  Those staying in the villas also have full use of the amenities of the resort.
     Our first stay at Pelican Hill was at the 2 bedroom villa, which I really enjoyed.  When we invite friends, H would book the 4 bedroom villa at Pelican Hill.  The Pelican Hill 4 bedroom villa is the largest of the villas at about 3,581 sq feet, with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. There is a huge ocean view terrace and a two car garage.  The kitchen is stocked with every kitchen appliance that one needs to cook a fancy dinner.  There are also basic kitchen staples like spices, oil, and dried pastas available for use.  The refrigerator is stocked with a variety of drinks, from sparkling water to beer to milk.
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      A butler will greet you at the Pelican Hill 4 bedroom villa, a delightful array of fruit and cheese in the kitchen.  A butler  is assigned for each villa to assist with every need.  If you want, they will go to the grocery store and bring what you need to make your stay more comfortable.  Coming from Los Angeles, we always have our car and usually venture out to do this ourselves.  The villa also has a washer and dryer, stocked with laundry detergent and softener, so that you can come home with clean clothes.  If you choose, someone can pick up your dirty laundry and they will dry clean them as well.
      Because Pelican Hill is located at Newport Beach, a private car or shuttle will take you to the beach. Someone sets up a beach umbrella for you before providing you with a bagful of travel sized sunscreens, towels, and bottled waters. When we wanted to go to the resort area, a private SUV picked us up at the front of the villa and waited while we explored the resort… pretty fancy and luxurious!
     I am always amazed at the luxury of Pelican Hill every time we go.  If you are looking to stay there, I highly recommend it.  It will definitely be an experience to remember!
Below are some of my pictures from a past visit…unfortunately, it does not do justice to the beauty of the Pelican Hill 4 bedroom villa =)
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  1. Looks so relaxing and sunset view is great!



  2. Wow, this place sounds and looks amazing! A butler greets you?! That sounds like a celebrity vacation : ) It sounds like you had an amazing time. I would love to stay at a place like this with friends. Newport is gorgeous!


Thank you so much for your lovely comments!!