by Lesley Kim

Hi everyone! I’ve been really posting a lot on my blog, probably because I am all done with my doctorate classes. Whooohooo!! I have my dissertation left (only 100 pages you guys, plus about 40-50 scholarly articles as reference… No biggie..) and my personal therapy to complete to officially graduate. I am taking my time writing my dissertation because I really want to become knowledgable about it…. My topic… In case you are curious (probably not :)) is comparing treatment modalities for panic disorder.  Fascinating topic for me, maybe not so much for you.  Anyway, even though I worked for years in the valley, and now live in the Valley, I am deep down a city girl. As in, downtown Los Angeles kind of girl.  The Valley is soo hot, I want to cry.  So my outfits pretty much reflect the unbearable heat here- sunnies all day long (wearing a cheap one from a store like Forever21), comfortable flats (this one I have on by Steve Madden) and summer dresses (wearing one from Nordstrom Rack).  What’s your style right now?

xoxo from Calabasas….