by Lesley Kim

Winter can be drab and boring, especially when the cold weather makes you just want to huddle under the blanket and to stay warm.  One way to bring some color and life to your outfits during the cold days is to add prints, through cute print dresses and print sweaters. I love the way prints can bring excitement to any outfit, especially during the cold, winter days. Below is my wishlist, all about prints, from an online store, This junior online clothing store has so many cute print dresses for amazingly low prices. I have to admit that my favorite is the graphic, yellow print dress below. :)


Retro Half Sleeve Graphic Print Dress $24.99

5240fa46b3bb0Deerlet Pattern Cappa Knitting Coat  $38.99
5260fb5a001d2Short Pattern Small V-neck Polka Dot Blazer $23.99

527a10252d170Vintage Graphic Diamond Check Dress $31.99527a10410e791Colorful Digital Printing Chiffon Dress $31.99

52b3f5d3aa7c5Fashion Bear Pattern Printing Sweater $27.99 52b0102bb1842

Chic Zebras Print Vest Frilly Dress $40.99

Cute print dresses

Vintage Flower Print Frilly Dress $21.99

Which one is your favorite?