These past few days have been super cold in the morning, sunny and warm for a few hours, then the temperature slowly goes down to cold. To keep somewhat comfortable throughout the day, I have been layering, especially with scarves.  I never thought I would love furry scarves so much, but these little things are so soft and comfortable… and they really keep you warm! My furry scarf is from Restoration Hardware, my absolute favorite furniture store, and yes… it’s so random that they have furry scarves, but along with their furry blankets, they also sell matching furry accessories like scarves, booties, and slippers. I am wearing a nude colored lace blouse from Nordstrom Rack, leggings from Forever21, and sandals from Charlotte Russe. I have been wearing easy outfits lately because my week has been pretty busy, scheduling in personal therapies so I can officially graduate. My doctorate program requires 50 hours of personal therapy for graduation, and I have to say, it is an amazing experience as I get to try out different theoretical minded therapists.  I am a firm believer in psychotherapy (obviously! 😊), and highly recommend it.  If you have any questions about it, shoot me an email.  Psychology is such a passion of mine that I totally geek out about it.  Have a great day!