I had the most amazing, crazy time with my fellow blogger Inspiremyfancy on our walk through Malibu Country Mart as we look for a secluded area to snap a few quick photos for our blogs. She saw this wall and instantly fell in love with it, and of course, it became the backdrop for our somewhat impromptu photo shoot. For this outfit, I am a wearing a knitted, beige Jcrew sweater, leggings, Gucci bag, and boots from Nordstrom Rack.  Can I say, I got these boots for less than $30 and they get serious love from me.  I wear them almost on a daily basis and they have survived everything from muddy baseball practices to rainy days.  Why is it that the least expensive shoes are always the best? Maybe because I don’t worry about them getting messed up, so I really put them to use.  Do you have a favorite piece in your closet that’s not too expensive but gets a lot of love?