Dugout Club at Dodger Stadium

by Lesley Kim

Occasionally, H likes to watch the Dodger play, and when we do go, we usually buy seats at the dugout club.  For those who really want to experience a baseball game, the dugout club at Dodger Stadium is probably the way to go.  Of course, these seats are not cheap and can set some people back quite a lot.

What exactly is so special about these seats you ask?  First of all, if you want to see the game, you will be right front, in view of every action. It’s also nice that there are not many people in front of you to block your view.

dugout club at dodger stadium

I am not really a fan of the game, but I do LOVE the dugout club at Dodger Stadium.  The one and only reason that I like to go is the unlimited food.  Yes! The tickets come with free access to a restaurant connected to your seat area, where there are unlimited steaks, tacos, hot dogs, pastas, you name it.  There are catering chefs who will cut you a slice of beef or give you grilled vegetables. There is also a dessert bar filled with cakes, fruits, pastries and throwback candies.

dugout club at dodger stadium

The dugout club at Dodger Stadium is definitely an experience.  The food is amazing and the seats are not bad either.  The convenience of being able to go to the restaurant from the game is also wonderful. Flat screen tvs line the walls of the restaurant, so even if you want to be somewhere more secluded, you will not be missing the game. I have also seen several actors there, including Zac Efron, which was pretty neat =)

dugout club at dodger stadium


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  3. you look beautiful, looks like so much fun. My son play baseball and their team is Dodgers too.


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