DIY Home Plant Decorations

By Lesley Kim

I love to do arts and crafts just to keep myself busy.  I recently made these adorable, miniature home plant decorations.  They are made of plastic, therefore there is zero maintenance involved.  They are purely decorational, but should add that beautiful, subtle greenery in your home.

DIY Home Plant Decorations by Lesley Kim


Black Acrylic Paint

Small ceramic pots

Paint brush

Green fake plants

Small pebbles

Elmers Glue

Scraps of paper

Hot glue gun

(most of these items I purchased from Michaels)


1.) Paint the small ceramic pots with the black acrylic paint. For my project, I used four small pots I purchased from Michael’s for about a dollar apiece.

2.) When the black paint have dried, place the scraps of paper in the pot to fill up the pot about two thirds full. Use hot glue gun on the edges to secure the paper.

3.) Trim the green plants to the size you want and insert into the pot. Secure  the stem  in to the paper with a hot glue gun.

4.) Cover the top of the paper with small pebbles  until you no longer see the paper. Pour Elmers glue on top of the pebbles to keep them in place. Allow to dry.

5.) When the pebbles are secured in the pot, your new, decorative home plants are ready to be placed around your house.  I placed mine on the fireplace mantle =)

DIY Home Plant Decorations by Lesley KimDIY Home Plant Decorations by Lesley KimDIY Home Plant Decorations by Lesley Kim DIY Home Plant Decorations by Lesley Kim

 What do you think?

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