As I get older, it is the smallest things that I often find enjoyable. Today, I had the funniest coffee/tea get together with my beautiful blogger friend from Inspiremyfancy.  Just ordering our match tea lattes at Le Pain became a hilarious ordeal as we wonder why our teas were not served in the extra large mugs and the croissants served cold. We even had an encounter with a famous musician, whom we did not know was famous, telling him, tag us on IG when he becomes famous.  The day was full of giggles, small talks, and caffeinated drinks as we amble around the Commons of Calabasas.  Which brings to mind how important it is to spend an hour or two with a friend, whether with coffee or tea, just to reset and laugh a little.  I have been consumed with my every day life, whether it is school, renovation, or family, and I sometimes forget to take that little time off just for me. Coffee or lunch with a friend is definitely good for the soul, bringing one’s mental space to a better balance.  Even though one gets overwhelmed with everyday life, work, or family, it is always important to take that time to spend a few hours with friends, talk a little, laugh a little, vent a little.  This is almost like going to therapy, though much more fun because you can have coffee and desserts.   With so much social media in our lives, it can feel like we know all the details in our friends’ lives, yet there is nothing like sitting in front of each other and actually hear them talk about what is going on.

When was the last time you met up with a friend, even just for a little bit, to reconnect?