Sep 13

Easy Banana Bread Recipe

Banana bread are super delicious.  I like to think they are also healthy for you because it has bananas and cinnamon =).  Below is a very easy banana bread recipe with chocolate chips.

Aug 13

Detox with Cilantro and Get Rid of Heavy Metals

by Lesley Kim
Most people don’t think about heavy metals like lead, mercury, silver, nickel, or
arsenic that accumulates in the body.  Large amounts of these heavy metals
 (and many others) can cause chronic toxicity or poisoning.  Heavy metal toxicity can cause many health problems and long term exposure may cause cancer.
I was concerned about heavy metals in the body and upon research,
I found out that you can actually detox with cilantro and  get rid of heavy metals that accumulate in the body by eating cilantro!
 Cilantro is high in flavanoids, phytonutrients and phenolic compounds.
It also has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties that we all can benefit from.
I recommend using using organic produce to detox with cilantro as non organic cilantro are farmed with chemicals and pesticides.
In order to detox with cilantro, I usually get my dose of these leafy greens by putting them in my homemade salsas, salads or soups .  
Others have recommended throwing them into a smoothie or even taking cilantro capsules.  I tried looking for cilantro capsules but have not found them 
at my local CVS or grocery stores. I have seen them online but have never tried them.
I never knew that one can detox with cilantro until I became aware of heavy metals in the body.  Who knew?