Sep 14

BOUND Jewelry

by Lesley Kim

As you know, I am from Los Angeles.  So when Bound Jewelry, a Los Angeles based Jewelry, contacted me for a collaboration, of course I jumped at the chance!  A little bit about BOUND.  It is the brain child of  EMMA HOLLAND DENVIR, a  woodworker, an artist and a designer. Emma “founded the Holland Design Studio in 2001, in honer of her late aunt and mentor, Holland Wallace.  The studio embraces her mantra, “if anything is worth doing, it is worth doing to excess.”‘ (www.bound.la)

Bound JewelryEmma’s Bound Jewelry, which you can purchase from her website BOUND.LA, is beautiful, architecturally inspired jewelry.  Mostly made of geometric wooden pieces, Bound Jewelry is modern and one of a kind. They are well made, high quality pieces that will last you a long time.  My favorite piece that I received is the arrow like necklace from the picture above, called duplex.  It is a versatile piece that can easily transition from the sophisticated little black dress to a more casual, bohemian look.

Bound JewelryBound Jewelry is edgy but feminine, stunning, and truly unique.   I love the simplicity of their pieces. The best thing, is if you follow Bound on Facebook, you will also receive 20% off of your order!

Bound JewelryBound JewelryIf you love Emma’s work, she also has other beautiful woodwork designs that you can check out at  http://www.emmahollanddenvir.com/.

Aug 14

Different Ways to Wear the Black Mini Skirt

by Lesley Kim

A black mini skirt is a staple in every girl’s wardrobe.  The black mini skirt is classic and versatile.  In this post, I wanted to share Different Ways to Wear the Black Mini Skirt.

Different Ways to Wear the Black Mini SkirtIn this first outfit board, it is all about the black mini skirt, paired with a black cropped top and black stilettos. A mint green statement necklace accents the boldness of the black outfit.  Minimal makeup and mint green nail polish finishes off the look.

Different Ways to Wear the Black Mini Skirt

In this outfit board, the black mini is paired with a colorful graphic print shirt.  A pink clutch by Michael Kors picks up the pink from the vibrant blouse.  Dark blue nail polish matches the suede pumps.

Different Ways to Wear the Black Mini SkirtThis is a classic way to wear the black mini.  It is sexy and sophisticated.  A loose, pastel blouse is paired with the mini and sky high black heels. The acessories and makeup are kept to the minimum.  This look is classy and feminine, featuring a Tory Burch satchel.

Different Ways to Wear the Black Mini SkirtThis outfit is a casual way to wear the black mini.  Paired with beautiful flats and a casual tee, this outfit is great for a day of running around.

Different Ways to Wear the Black Mini SkirtIn this outfit board, the black mini is designed for a night out of partying.  A sparkly gold tube top, teal blue heels with gold accents,a gorgeous necklace, and this outfit is ready for an unforgettable night.


Jul 14

Different Ways to Wear a Floral Dress

by Lesley Kim 

A floral dress is a must have piece for this season.  Today, I wanted to share several outfit boards that show Different Ways to Wear a Floral Dress .  The floral dress featured in this post is from www.Delias.com for $27.00.

Different Ways to Wear a Floral DressIn this first outfit board, I kept the floral dress somewhat casual with teal flats and a brown cardigan. I added teal, gemstone earrings, maintaining a clean and sweet makeup.

Different Ways to Wear a Floral DressThis 2nd outfit board features neutral colors to compliment the browns in the floral dress. A brown cowboy hat and gold leaf earrings make this outfit unique and adorable.  I also kept the makeup neutrals and used a reddish brown nail color.

Floral dressThis outfit board is perfect for a night out on the town.  It features a vegan, black leather jacket and stilettos.  A simple clutch and a maroon lipstick makes this outfit edgy. I added gold accessories, like a gold watch, earrings and ring.

Different Ways to Wear a Floral DressA floral dress is super cute when casual.  In this outfit board from Different Ways to Wear a Floral Dress, brown laced boots, a brown crossbody bag and a denim vest makes this floral dress perfect for the day.

Different Ways to Wear a Floral DressI added some colors to the floral dress in this outfit board by choosing a bright teal jacket.  I paired this outfit with Tory Burch riding boots and layered accessories.

Floral dressThis outfit board is the most simple way to wear a floral dress.  It’s pretty much all about the dress, as I pair it with flat sandals and a day bag.  Makeup is kept neutral and soft.

Which of the outfit board from Different Ways to Wear a Floral Dress is your favorite?


May 14

Party in a Turquoise Dress

by Lesley Kim

I like to create outfit boards to serve as an inspiration for future outfits.  I usually don’t like to put the name of the pieces or where they came from because everyone has different budgets and at the end of the day, you can easily find similar pieces that fit your wallet in the many, many stores out there.

aztec print dressIn this outfit inspiration board, an Aztec print dress with vibrant blues and reds is paired with a simple black clutch, black stilettos and red nail polish.  Any dress with bold prints can be used to replicate this look. Pair this dress with a black clutch, simple stilettos, and red nail polish and you are all set!

Aztec prints are so popular right now, and if you really want to find an Aztec print dress, stores from Forever21 to Saks Fifth probably carry them.

What do you think of this Aztec print dress outfit inspiration board with its minimalist accessories?

May 14

Catherine Malandrino Spring 2014 RTW

by Lesley Kim

Spring embodies colors and light textures. In the Catherine Malandrino Spring 2014 ready to wear collection, she showcases these two things.  Bright blue hues and vibrant oranges are paired together in color blocked looks.  Catherine Malandrino also contrasted hot pink with a vivid blue-  my favorite combination of color blocking.

spring 2014I am usually a huge fan of Catherine Malandrino’s collections, but her Spring 2014 Ready to Wear is not my one of my favorite designer collection for this season. The beautiful colors and textures are gorgeous, though a little too bold for my own personal taste.  I usually prefer soft, feminine pieces for Spring.  Almost airy, like something you would see in fairys and gypsies. =)

spring 20141Catherine Malandrino Spring 2014 Ready to Wear is edgy and architectural.  it will fit women who are not afraid to be noticed and be seen.  I think her collection is gorgeous and stunning.  They are eye catching and bold, meant for the strong, modern woman.

spring 20142 spring 20143The lines and cuts of the pieces in the Catherine Malandrino are structured and geometric.  The contrast of colors are stunning and beautiful.

Catherine Malandrino Springspring 20145spring 20146Catherine Malandrino Spring

photos from www.style.com

What do you think of Catherine Malandrino Spring Ready to Wear Collection?

May 14

Pretty Pink Things

by Lesley Kim

The little girl in me just adore pretty pink things.  There’s nothing that can make me smile more than the the most beautiful shade of pink.  I created 3 inspiration boards full of pretty pink things.  For those who usually don’t like pink, or those who find pink too colorful and feminine, a little bit here and there through a bangle or earrings studs are an excellent way to add this vibrant color without being overbearing.

pretty pink things

I am person who does not mind pink and would wear an all pink dress. Pink to me is pretty, light and girly.  Of course I wouldn’t wear an all pink ensemble, but I have seen some who can pull this look off.  Can we say Lisa Vanderpump from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills does a pretty decent job of this? (Love her =))

pretty pink thingsI pretty much love all the pieces in these three inspiration boards.  If I did have to choose a favorite, it may have to be the pink Grecian dress in the first inspiration board. That dress is absolutely stunning.  I wish I had one in my closet… =)

pretty pink thingsI usually have a few pretty pink things in my closet.  When I want to be pretty in pink, I usually like to pair this popular color with neutrals like cream or nude.

What do you think of pink?

May 14

Chartreuse Obsession

by Lesley Kim

Chartreuse – a color halfway between yellow and green that was named because of its resemblance to the green color of one of the French liqueurs called green chartreuse, introduced in 1764.   

So, I am slightly obsessed with chartreuse.  Who knew that a color almost a lime green would be so beautiful.  A little dose of chartreuse here in there can truly make any item pop.  I love the way chartreuse looks on patterned throw pillows, especially against a cool grey.

chartreuseWhen it comes to chartreuse- a vividly bold, vibrant color-  a little goes a long way.  I think such a strong color should only be used in moderation.

What do you think of the color chartreuse?

May 14

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2014 Ready to Wear Collection

by Lesley Kim

I am so in love with the Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2014 Ready to Wear Collection. The prints on the pieces, that of ruined amphitheaters and metal coins, are stunning.

dolce4Dolce & Gabbana never disappoints with their collection, and their Spring 2014 Collection was truly breathtaking.  I love the thick, billowing sleeves of the dresses, contrasted with short hems.  Heavy metallic belts and statement necklaces were almost part of the dresses.

dolce2dolce3Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2014 I also adored the way the hair of the models were styled, pulled up in a soft updo, creating a romantic ambiance to the entire collection.

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2014 Of course many of these pieces have already been seen on several celebrities. I do have to admit that my favorite out the Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2014 Collection are the see through dresses with the peekaboo undies.

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2014

 photos via style.com

Which of the pieces from Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2014 RTW Collection are your favorite?

Apr 14

Radiant Orchid- The Color of 2014

by Lesley Kim

Did you know that the color of 2014 is radiant orchid?  Yes, apparently, somewhere, out there, the color fairies decide what will be the color of 2014.  I’m kidding :).  But really the color of  2014 is radiant orchid.

Radiant orchidHow is the color of year determined?  Pantone, a global authority of color, releases the color of the year annually.  This year, the color of the year happens to be radiant orchid, which falls in the purple family.  Check out my inspiration board below to get some ideas on how to add a little radiant orchid in your life.


Apr 14

Overalls Fashion Trend of Spring 2014

by Lesley Kim

Overalls are making a comeback. The overalls fashion trend is huge this season, overalls popping up everywhere from junior clothing stores like Forever21 to big department stores like Nordstrom. My little toddler still has a bunch of overalls from Oshkosh and I must say they look adorable on him. I was a little skeptical to know that what looks super cute on a little toddler is now a huge fashion trend this season. But when I saw the overalls that are out, I was pretty impressed.

overalls fashion trend
The overalls fashion trend has really reinvented the overalls. From denim to silk, from pants to skirts, overalls are no longer farmer like. They look chic, effortless and stylish. I wanted to show the varying types and styles of overalls that are now available. Selection of overalls is definitely not limited. Being a shorty myself, I probably couldn’t pull off the full on denim pants overalls. I would however, love to own a pair of flirty, fabric overalls.
overalls fashion trend

Check out some ways to style the overalls in the pictures below.

overalls fashion trend
overalls fashion trend

What do you think of the overalls fashion trend?