Jun 15

DIY Home Plant Decorations

By Lesley Kim

I love to do arts and crafts just to keep myself busy.  I recently made these adorable, miniature home plant decorations.  They are made of plastic, therefore there is zero maintenance involved.  They are purely decorational, but should add that beautiful, subtle greenery in your home.

DIY Home Plant Decorations by Lesley Kim


Black Acrylic Paint

Small ceramic pots

Paint brush

Green fake plants

Small pebbles

Elmers Glue

Scraps of paper

Hot glue gun

(most of these items I purchased from Michaels)


1.) Paint the small ceramic pots with the black acrylic paint. For my project, I used four small pots I purchased from Michael’s for about a dollar apiece.

2.) When the black paint have dried, place the scraps of paper in the pot to fill up the pot about two thirds full. Use hot glue gun on the edges to secure the paper.

3.) Trim the green plants to the size you want and insert into the pot. Secure  the stem  in to the paper with a hot glue gun.

4.) Cover the top of the paper with small pebbles  until you no longer see the paper. Pour Elmers glue on top of the pebbles to keep them in place. Allow to dry.

5.) When the pebbles are secured in the pot, your new, decorative home plants are ready to be placed around your house.  I placed mine on the fireplace mantle =)

DIY Home Plant Decorations by Lesley KimDIY Home Plant Decorations by Lesley KimDIY Home Plant Decorations by Lesley Kim DIY Home Plant Decorations by Lesley Kim

 What do you think?

Apr 14

Decorate Your Books for an Organized Look

by Lesley Kim

I am really going to organize my home for the next 6 months.  The hard part for me is not the organization, but the purging.  To really get  things organized, it’s important to purge and get rid of unnecessary clutter.  I am one of those people who get emotionally attached to things, and can not bear to part with my things. Yes… I am borderline a hoarder =)

IMG_8551Back to my plan to organize… My first project is to organize my overly cluttered bookshelf. I like the look of uniformity and I plan on covering my books to create a simple, organized look on my bookshelf.

IMG_80121decorate booksUsing plain Kraft paper, I covered my books. Wrapping each book with paper can become tedious and boring.  I find that the more books you wrap, the faster and more efficient you become with the process =).  There are also many types of wrapping paper you can use to decorate books.  I already have Kraft paper so I opted for this paper.  I did see this beautiful, matte silver wrapping paper at Michael’s which would look amazing!

decorate  booksI decorated the front of the books with a white doily, adding some cutout flowers for some detail.  The possibilities are pretty much endless.  I love using what I have around the house, but you can use any items you want to decorate books.


On the spine of the book, I wrote the title of the book with a skinny, black marker.  I have completed one shelf, with  a few more to go.  I can’t wait for my home to get somewhat organized! =)


Apr 14

Make Your Own Boho Bracelets

by Lesley Kim

If I never have to sleep, I would devote this extra time to making things.  I just love, love, love to make things.  When it came to making my own jewelry, I never delved into this hobby until I became a stay at home mom.  Bored when the baby was napping, I invested some money and bought a lot of beads and jewelry findings.  I even sold of some of my finished jewelry on Etsy, an online marketplace for handmade and vintage. Etsy is actually the reason that I discovered and began blogging.  And now, my blogging has truly evolved into something else.  And Etsy has slowly faded away as a once upon a time.

make your own boho braceletsToday, I wanted to show you a post on how to make your own boho bracelets.  I don’t know if it is just LA, but the boho style seems to be everywhere around me. Layers and layers of light clothing and jewelry is such a norm here. Which is absolutely beautiful!  This make your own boho bracelets tutorial will give you bracelets you can layer with your other pieces.

make your own boho braceletsYou will need gold seed beads, which you can find at Arts and Craft stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby,  a clear stretchy string, scissors, and super glue.  I prefer to use .7mm for the stretchy string because it is just the right size for the beads.  It is also sturdy and does not break easily.

make your own boho braceletsMeasure the diameter of the bracelets that you want to make.  Then string the beads until you reach this measurement.  Tie the string at least twice, then dab a small amount of super glue on the knot.  Let dry and then cut the strings close to the knot.  Repeat until you have as much bracelets as you want.

Now you know a simple way to make your own boho bracelets! =)

Mar 14

How to Make Food Felts

by Lesley Kim

My little one and I went on a play date and the other mommy had made cookies out of felts.  These adorable DIY toys provided so much fun and entertainment for the kiddos that I was inspired to make my own food felts.

IMG_5156The good thing about felts is that they are easy to work with.  I initially used fabric glue to seal the sides of my food felts, but the fabric glue was not as sturdy as I would like.  I ended up using a hot glue gun.  Though very effective at gluing the felts together, hot glue gun does require care and patience because the glue can become very hot, sometimes leaking through the felts.

blog17To make a watermelon felt, cut the shapes as seen above.  Carefully use an adhesive to glue the shapes together to make the food felt.  I used rice to pad the food felt and give the food felt some weight.

IMG_5154These sushi food felt are my favorite.  My toddler loves pretending to eat these adorable little pieces with a pair of bamboo chopsticks. To make these sushi food felts, cut white felt, about 1 inch by 6 inches.  Cut a black felt, about 1 inch by 3 inches.  Add strips of colored felt at one end of the white felt, and roll the white felt to create the “rice”.  Add some glue to secure the roll.  Add the black felt around the white for the “seaweed.” Secure the felts with glue.

IMG_5161These cookie food felts are probably the easiest ones to make.  Using a round cap, I traced round shapes on a light brown felt.  I glued the sides about 80% of the way to make a pocket, filling this space with rice.  Then I sealed the sides fully.  I added some decorations on top for fun.  (I wanted to add “chocolate chips,” but I did not have dark brown felt.) The beautiful thing  about making food felts is that there are no limits to your imagination.