Feeling Blue Today

by Lesley Kim
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Hi everyone! I hope your weekend went well! In this outfit of the day, I am wearing a dress from Abercrombie and Fitch and bag from B. Makowsky.   I have been posting a lot on my blog and Instagram when I really should be working on my dissertation. Maybe it’s avoidance on my part- but I have focused significantly more on blogging and much less on writing my dissertation. Hopefully, I can get started on my proposal again. Taking a month break from this process have really made me lazy and somewhat hesitant to get started again.  I am telling myself that this week, I am going to motivate myself to get finished with my proposal. Do you have something you struggle with and need a little motivation to get started? Please share… :)

xoxo from Calabasas….

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  1. You look stunning!
    The dress looks elegant.

  2. This is a really cute floral dress Lesley… I need motivation to get back to exercising, I know once I do I will get right back into it … xox… Good luck with the dissertation..

Thank you so much for your lovely comments!!