Party in a Turquoise Dress

by Lesley Kim

I like to create outfit boards to serve as an inspiration for future outfits.  I usually don’t like to put the name of the pieces or where they came from because everyone has different budgets and at the end of the day, you can easily find similar pieces that fit your wallet in the many, many stores out there.

aztec print dressIn this outfit inspiration board, an Aztec print dress with vibrant blues and reds is paired with a simple black clutch, black stilettos and red nail polish.  Any dress with bold prints can be used to replicate this look. Pair this dress with a black clutch, simple stilettos, and red nail polish and you are all set!

Aztec prints are so popular right now, and if you really want to find an Aztec print dress, stores from Forever21 to Saks Fifth probably carry them.

What do you think of this Aztec print dress outfit inspiration board with its minimalist accessories?
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  1. Love the red nail, and ESPECIALLY love the Naked II. I could not live without mine. So many amazing looks you can make with it.

    — Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  2. I like the black sandals. Could you let me know where they are from? Thanks.

  3. love that dress too… it reminds me of a mara hoffman (who i just adore).

Thank you so much for your lovely comments!!