by Lesley Kim

American Apparel Dress _MG_4848_MG_4863

Hi everyone!  I’m so glad it’s Saturday.  I feel like I had a somewhat productive week, what about you?  I have several important things I need to get done, and I found that breaking them up into smaller tasks and giving myself deadlines have been very helpful in accomplishing my goals. I really would like to get a dissertation proposal turned in by next month, since it can easily get rejected, and I would have to get back to editing and revising my proposal. I told myself I should have an approved dissertation by November or December, and officially graduate.   What do you do to help yourself accomplish major tasks or goals in life?

On a lighter note, my outfit of the day is all about blue.  I am wearing fun, blue sunnies from Aldo, and a dress from American Apparel.  I think my flats are from Charlotte Russe, and if they are not, I’m sure you can find similar ones from stores like Charlotte Russe.  Well, have an amazing day, and always think positive!

xoxo from Calabasas….